Looking for creative ways to market your company and build your brand? Look no further. In this article we will be sharing the 7 best content marketing ideas for local MT companies.




1. Create A Blog Post For Your Website

Coming in at number one is the good old fashioned website blog post. Surprisingly enough people still cant get enough of the written word. We suggest picking a topic that is both interesting to you and at least somewhat relevant to your industry. That way you can enjoy the writing process and your readers will also have context for the post.

As with all of our web design, it is necessary to optimize the blog post for Google using the latest SEO techniques. If you want help with search engine optimization Vault Media provides those services. Feel free to reach out or you can look around the rest of our content for more advice.

To tide you over here are some quick and basic SEO tips for a blog post. Start off with basic keyword research. Make sure your main keyword is in the first paragraph and last paragraph. Make sure your main keyword is in the title and url slug. Other than that try to write as naturally as possible. Next is link building for SEO. Link to 1-3 other posts on your own website. Link to 1-2 other authority sites. Post blog and you’re done!


2. Create A Video On YouTube

Our second in line best content marketing idea for you is to record a video and publish via YouTube. This idea works very similarly to writing a blog post on a conceptual level. When it comes to recording the video don’t over think things. The smart phone in your pocket is good enough to record. We do recommend investing in an inexpensive lav mic to be able to capture better sound quality. The on board mic even in the latest smart phones don’t quite do the trick. 

After you are done shooting your video go ahead and give it a quick edit utilizing free video editing software such as iMovie on iPhone. Once done upload it to YouTube and then share it out on other social media platforms. We also recommend creating a post on your website and embedding the YouTube video code to that page. This is a great opportunity to also create a blog on your website to go along with your video.


3. Create A Social Media Post

Number three is a very powerful technique and that would be creating a social media post. In this day and age growing your social presence is paramount. Make sure to always be creating posts on Instagram, Facebook and any other applicable platforms for your business. Linkedin is a great place to start that isn’t over saturated yet.

This can be as simple as snapping a photo with your phone. Creating a caption. Including hashtags and clicking the “post” button! Best practices are to post to your top 2-3 major platforms at least once a week each. Vault Media handles Social Media Management for local Montana businesses.


4. Record A Podcast

At number four we have recording a podcast as a content marketing idea. Admittedly this piece of content creation would seem one of the most complicated. It doesn’t have to be, however it does take up a fair amount of time to sit down and record one.

For roughly $100-$150 you can pick up a blue yeti microphone that would be good enough to get you started. You don’t even have to do any editing if that is your style. If you do wish to do some editing a program such as Adobe Audition is fairly user friendly especially if you just need to do a little bit of splicing and sound correction.


5. Write A Value Driven Email To Past Clients

Our number five pick is writing an email. If you have an established business with client email access then it is a great way to stay top of mind. Lets say you have a local SEO company as an example. It would be a good idea to write an email with a small bit of free SEO advice that your customers could implement easily and right away. With this method you stay fresh in their minds if they decide to ever hire a SEO Agency in the future. An alternative method is to send coupons. 


6. Obtain and Share A Customer Testimonial

Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience. When people see someone they trust giving major kudos to a business online it definitely validates that business. If you have a good review come in organically go ahead and share it across your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also post it to your website. Be proud of your raving fans! If you don’t have any reviews or testimonials yet don’t be afraid to ask a customer that you are comfortable with do leave you one and repeat the process.


7. Co-Create Content With Another MT Business or Non-Profit


Last but not least and at number seven is a great co-marketing opportunity. If you have any business owner friends or can find another business to work with we suggest approaching them with an idea to co-create a piece of content together. Maybe attend an event together, record a video together and then both post it out on your individual social media business pages. This is just one example. Let your imagination run wild with other ideas here.


If you made it this far in our 7 best content marketing ideas for local MT companies article we would like to thank you very much for sticking with us. Please feel free to reach out to us at Vault Media if you have any questions or comments. We would be happy to discuss any of your web design, SEO or social media management services at any time.


Thank you!


Anthony Fleming

Vault Media