Some of the most beautiful scenery available in Montana surrounds the city of Kalispell. Drone photography and videography are great ways of capturing footage. Additionally, it is no secret that aerial content is rapidly becoming one of the most popular mediums. Getting involved with drones at the hobbyist level can be a ton of fun. However, if the project requires a professional just give us a call.


Drone Photography Kalispell


Kalispell Drone Photography


Professional photos from the sky! Drone photography has many applications. Real estate, events, sports, weddings, and business content are a few of applications. Anything else that might require a special birds eye perspective also aligns perfectly with this service.


Aerial Videography In Kalispell, MT


Video shots captured via drone garner a certain uniqueness. Vault Media’s drone videography services in Kalispell can be applied in most circumstances. In particular, when our pilots are already getting photos. We simply switch out a few settings and possibly a little equipment. Adding drone footage to your project whenever applicable is highly recommended.


Commercially Licensed Pilots


Staying current with all laws and regulations regarding drone flight is of the utmost importance. Therefore, our pilots are licensed commercially in the State of Montana. Additionally we take pride in knowing the guidelines, best practices and safety measures to ensure a high level of professionalism and ethics. We take aerial photography seriously. 


Call Us For More Pricing & Information On Drone Photography & Videography


We are always happy to talk shop when speaking on all things Drone. A rough estimate on drone real estate photos starts at $200.00 and goes up from there. You will get a package deal if you order regular listing photos as well as drone. Feel free to contact us via phone call, email or direct message. From there lets discuss your upcoming project, goals, and how Vault Media can help you achieve them through drone photography.