At this point Facebook Advertising in Kalispell, MT is one of the most effective ways of promoting your local business and generating leads. For a fraction of the price of radio, TV, Newspaper and billboard ads you can get an extreme amount of exposure. This is not the wave of the future, rather, this is right now.


Facebook Advertising Kalispell MT


What are Facebook Ads?


When you own a business you should create a Facebook Business Page. From there you can push out any relevant content about your company. Including promotions, special offers, events, general information or really anything cool that makes sense. Don’t worry if this isn’t something you are into. Vault Media has you covered with concierge social media management as well.

The other major function of a FB Business Page is the ability to boost out your posts and run full fledged paid advertising, similar to Google Ads.


Vault Media Manages Your Facebook Advertising


When you partner with Vault Media for Facebook Ad campaigns, we handle everything from beginning to end for you. Including Ad copy, creative, content, graphics, professional photo’s, and professionally produced videography. You are likely too busy in your own business to have time to dedicate to these tasks.

Another advantage you will benefit from is our experience, expertise and data. Over the years we have compiled data from split testing our own ads as well as our clients ads. You can count on maximum exposure, laser targeting and higher ROI when working with Vault Media.


Facebook Ad Management Pricing


Every business is different. Every campaign also different. We don’t have any ‘one size fits all’ price for our internet Ad management services at this time. The best thing to do is contact us directly to schedule a meeting so we can learn about your business goals and custom tailor a package that works best for your company. A starting budget of $1000.00 per month is a good ball park figure for standard sized local businesses. Feel free to reach out any time. Vault Media looks forward to being your trusted Digital Marketing Agency.