Hands down Google Pay Per Click Advertising, also know as Google PPC, is one of the fastest methods of acquiring new customers locally. It is especially true in Kalispell and any other city in Montana. If we ask a business owner if they have enough phone calls or leads, no matter how busy they are, they will almost always answer with “We can always use more customers!”


Google PPC Kalispell MT


What is Google PPC Advertising?


If you search for any type of business on Google Locally, you will likely see 1-3 listings at the very top, these are advertisements. After that comes the map pack where you will see 3 top businesses, their reviews and links for a website and phone number. Lastly is the organic search results below the map pack.

The overall goal is to dominate all three of these locations, or rather, the entire first page of Google. However, Google PPC Ads provide a nice way for any company to appear on the first page and at the top no less.

It is a pay to play system in which Google makes most of their money. They do have the traffic and we want to direct that traffic to our clients. Which is exactly what we specialize in doing.


Vault Media Manages Pay Per Click For You


We know that Google PPC can sometimes seem overwhelming. You may also be short on time, but still want to achieve solid results. Vault Media understands why utilizing Google Ads is so important and has you covered with our complete management services.

Over the years we have bought countless internet advertising placements and split tested hundreds of Google Ads. Ultimately we have the experience to fully optimize your campaigns resulting in hotter leads for you and a greater ROI.


How Much Does Google PPC Management Cost?


As with our other services, pricing for Google PPC management depends on the exact wants and needs of our clients. The starting point for Vault Media management is $400 per month + Ad Spend. For a smaller growing business we recommend a total starting budget of $1000. I.e. $400 management + $600 in ad spend. Medium to Larger local business may opt for a larger budget depending on how much reach is required.

The best thing to do is contact us and schedule a meeting so that we can sit down and discuss exactly what your company is trying to accomplish. We look forward to helping you succeed.