There is a good chance that you found this page by searching Google for a Kalispell SEO. Finding us this way is exactly how most customers find the products and services they are looking for. We can help you achieve the same results with a thorough and ongoing search engine optimization campaign. Designed to target specified keywords your potential customers are searching for.

Vault Media is a local SEO and Digital Marketing Agency based out of Kalispell, MT. It is no secret that powerful search engines such as Google and Bing can help provide websites with ample internet traffic. A portion of that traffic converts into fresh new customers, which in turn translates into additional business.

Long story short: We can help you win those coveted top spots in Google.


Kalispell SEO


Why Hire A Local Kalispell SEO Agency?


There are two main reasons you would want to work with our SEO Agency, Vault Media. The first is to secure the top organic search positions for keywords, phrases or search terms. You pop up number one for whatever they typed that is relevant to your business, when searching Google.

Here is an example. If I were interested in finding a new dentist in town I would probably search “Dentists Kalispell, MT” or “Dentists near me”. So if you are in the business of fixing people’s teeth, it would be a great benefit to have your website listed before your competitors.

The second reason to work with us for your search engine optimization campaign, is the part of Google refers to as the Map Pack, Snack Pack or Three Pack. This portion is where you will see local businesses listed next to a map of the area and usually buttons to click for each businesses phone number, website and reviews. Roughly 40% of the total clicks go to the snack pack making it extremely important to rank for.


Vault Media Can Help You In A Number Of Ways


Choosing to partner with us for your local SEO needs isn’t the end of the line. Vault Media is a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency. With services ranging between Social Media Management, Paid Google Ads, Paid Social Media Ads, Website Creation, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Lead Generation and many other services. Let us help you gain a competitive edge with your businesses internet marketing.


Vault Media’s Search Engine Optimization Service


Analyzing and Repairing On Page Issues and Site Structure


The first thing we will do is perform an SEO audit of your website and then analyze the on page data. Your current page and site structure may need to be slightly or massively changed depending on our assessment. This is the foundation of your website. We will make certain to set it up correctly.


Adding SEO Content To Your Website


There once was a day that only in bound links to a website would matter for ranking in the SERPS. Now days it is a very different matter. Due to the advances in Google’s algorithm and the Panda and Penguin updates, content creation has came to the forefront of ranking factors. In terms of SEO we will likely be needing to add multiple additional pages to your website. This would include main topic pages and supporting pages for each and every main topic. We recommend you fill these new pages out with the written word, images, graphics and videos where necessary. After the core pages are built out we would also plan to have on going content publications as this shows Google your site is lively which is yet another ranking factor.


Off Site Link Building Campaign


Finally we are on to link building, which is still a very powerful tool when paired with proper content creation. In bound links to a website do remain an important ranking factor to this day. While it is harder to rank with links alone, they do provide a huge boost to the already worthy content that will be on your website. Vault Media does believe in attracting these links in a safe and ethical way. This is the best way to go about link acquisition because both Google and ourselves don’t want to deal with spammy links.


What about Kalispell Business SEO Pricing?


Vault Media strives to work with companies in the the rising star category or already established and looking for continued and further growth. We don’t want our services to be a burden for our clients but rather a happy partnership. The goal is that if money goes out it is bringing extra business in. We want to make it a win for you!

Our pricing starts at a minimum of $1,000.00 monthly and goes up from there. The plans vary widely and are custom tailored to each business. Including consideration into what type of business we are dealing with, how competitive the space is and also if there was any previous SEO work done. The latter being a metric that could cause the work going forward to be easier or harder honestly. Local SEO in Kalispell, MT is something that we can build out initially, but it is also extremely important to keep up with it so you don’t fall by the wayside and lose ground to a competitor.

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