Today we’re going to check out some of the most effective link building strategies for local SEO in 2020 and beyond. If you’re into search engine optimization then you know the importance of building quality links to a website. If all this is foreign, don’t worry. We will do our best to explain everything out. If you are local and looking for a good company to work with then head on over to our SEO Kalispell, MT page.


Link Building SEO Kalispell

Step 1: SEO Foundation Links


Just like with building a house, we need to start with a solid foundation. Links are no different. From early on starting at the website design phase we should be already thinking about these initial links and building out our foundation. The best examples include local citations and social profiles. You may want to also include major Web 2.0 properties aimed at your major keywords at this point as well.

Once these links are complete we recommend running a press release to the home page. Make sure all of these initial foundation links utilize the naked url or brand name as anchor text.


Step 2: SEO Tier 1 Links

Once you have a solid base built up you can now focus on building up some trust, authority and power. This set of links should be more powerful guest posts and niche edits pointed directly at the pages you wish to rank. We refer to this as your “Tier 1” links. Basically the best you can get.

At this point in time we only recommend sending 1-3 of these per month to keep your link profile and link velocity at a natural pace. Make sure to keep track of each and every page that is sending a link to your website. This will be crucial in the next stage.


Step 3: SEO Tier 2 & 3 Links

Now we should be at least a couple months into the link building campaign. To recap, we built foundation links which is a one time thing. Short of the press release. You can do those once every couple months if you want. Next we built our first Tier 1 links. Note that that process continues every month until you reach the rankings you desire.

Next we are sending Tier 2 and Tier 3 links. But what does this mean? To start off make sure to build some inner pages out on the website relevant to the keywords you are ranking for. Link these with exact or partial match anchors to your main keywords. Now for our Tier 2 links you can use cheaper niche/page edit links and direct them to inner pages, Tier 1 links, dofollow press release pages, dofollow local citations, top social media pages and Web 2.0 Properties.

Lastly, once your Tier 2 links are built and come through go ahead and start sending the same type of links directly at your Tier 2 links. This creates a Tier 3 layer and gives additional push to all the other links you have created. 


Anchor Text Ratios For Local SEO

You want to make sure the vast majority of links directed at your website are branded, aka your company name OR linked directly at the naked url of your home page for best local SEO practices. This is how websites usually receive links. Next you can go for partial match anchors and then last you have exact match.

Of course a high powered high match anchor sent strait to the page you want to rank is the most effective. But, if those are the only types of links your website gets it looks super spammy and you will likely receive a penalty from Google. Which will certainly affect rankings and ultimately your business as a whole.


Secret Sauce: Social Signals

The last ingredient needed for a strong and efficient SEO strategy is social signals. Sending social signals ahead of linking to a page is a must. It helps to promote trust and relevance within the Google algorithm allowing for more effective link building.



Well now you have your work ahead of you! Thank you for checking out our article about link building strategies for local SEO in 2020. Remember that if you are running a local business we highly recommend starting with On-Page SEO and moving to link building once that is complete. There is no sense spending time on links if your on page isn’t right. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Or if you need professional SEO services.


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