Today’s topic is the implementation of search engine optimization for local business web design. Tune in to learn the  best SEO methods, that Vault Media recommends for website development in Kalispell, MT. First we will go over site structure, then on-page SEO, and then finally off-page SEO and backlinking.


Web Design SEO Implementation


Web Design Site Structure For Local Kalispell Businesses


Site structure is one of the most important factors that goes into website design and SEO for that matter. Think of it as a concrete foundation and how that relates to a home or commercial building. If we don’t get this correct the whole thing falls apart.

There are two ways you can go about this when designing your site. It depends on if you are a single location business or multiple location business.

If you have say, one location, in Kalispell then we suggest you make the homepage your main target for location. Make sure your NAP is located on the main page, have H1’s and H2’s that include your keywords + Kalispell, and also make sure the same goes for the main body content.

If you have multiple locations you simply create a locations page and then have a page for each keyword + individual location that follows. Here is an example:

Hopefully that makes sense. If not feel free to reach out anytime.


On-Page SEO for Website Design


We have written an entire post on this subject. Check out out on-page Kalispell SEO guide here. However, lets quickly run through the main parts here.

  1. NAP (Name of business, Address, Phone Number) should be displayed prominently in the footer of your website. This is a major local ranking factor for Google Search. It also helps a ton with Google My Business listings showing up in the map section of Google.
  2. Next you must make sure your main keyword and location is within your title tag & H1.
  3. After that main keyword + location within one H2.
  4. Then keyword variation within one H2.
  5. Repeat previous step with new keyword variation.
  6. Make sure main keyword + location in first paragraph and main keyword within last paragraph.
  7. Add at least one image with main keyword + location within alt tag
  8. Imbed relevant YouTube video on page. Ideally your own with matching keyword in title.
  9. Link to other relevant internal pages on your own website
  10. Link to outside authority websites that have relevant content


Off-Site SEO and Backlinking For Local Website Development


I will only touch on this part briefly because it is not needed to push rankings for most local organic results. However, in more competitive niche’s and areas it may be the secret sauce that helps push you to the top. See my list below for the most important factors in our opinion for backlinking to your local Kalispell website.

  1. Local Citations. Links coming from websites such as
  2. Social Fortress. Make sure to build out your social media pages and add a link back to your website
  3. Press Release. Optional, but can help diversify anchor text to help avoid penalties
  4. Social Signals. Posts, likes, shares, engagement and traffic coming from social media pages.
  5. High DA, PA, trust flow, traffic and relevant links pointing back to your website. Please no spammy links.

Those are the main things needed. As we said before make sure to stay away from anything spammy or that goes against Google’s TOS. Otherwise all your hard work will be wasted and your web design will be shot.


Concluding Website SEO Implementation For Local Kalispell, MT Businesses


The last factor we’ll talk about it time. You really can’t rush Search engine optimization the same way that beautiful web design and graphic design can not be rushed. It is not an exact science, but more so an art form. Take your time, think quality of quantity and it will take you far toward reaching your goals.