Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok. The list goes on and on and on. At this point in time you know the importance of Social Media. Capturing the attention of your potential customer is very important. This is why Social Media Marketing plays such a vital role now and going forward. At Vault Media we believe every business owner should have at least a basic understanding of how to go about marketing on the social platforms. However, creating content and posting all day long may not be the best way to spend every business owners time. That is where a local Social Media Management Agency in Kalispell, MT, such as Vault Media, comes into picture.



Social Media Management Kalispell


What is Social Media Marketing?


It may seem obvious to some, but completely foreign to others. Lets put social media marketing into perspective for you.

At the core, Social Media is best suited as a vehicle to help build your personal or business’ brand. We utilize platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to connect, analyze, engage, educate, advertise and bring value to our current and potential customer base. When someone thinks about companies in your industry, you want them to think of you first, right? We want that for you too. Let’s make it happen.

The bottom line. Social Media is amazing, here to stay, and something we always could devote more time to.



Managing Social Media, Done For You


If you are just starting out, have a lot of free time, or greatly enjoy managing your own social media marketing, then by all means kudos to you. We completely get that! Being at the helm of your own posts is a great way to keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

There are many instances where doing everything on your own just isn’t practical. It comes down to what you are best at. What tasks will make you the most money.

Lets take a fair sized HVAC company for example. As the owner of that business you would likely find your self bidding jobs, managing 15+ employees, 5+ trucks on the road and possibly helping with the installs.

Snapping a quick video here or there, or grabbing a picture of a fresh A/C system is definitely doable. But trying to find the time and motivation to constantly post is exhausting. And we do recommend posting as much as possible.

Vault Media can take this workload off your shoulders and provide your business with a full fledged Social Media Management solution. We will help with the creative, graphic design, professional photography, professional videography, content production, engagement and scheduling of your posts so that you can keep doing what you do best.


How Much Does It Cost?


Certainly a loaded question. But hey, we are marketers after all, so we can’t shy away now can we? No way!

Pricing for social media management will vary widely depending on the industry, each individual business and the goals of the person at the helm. We will create a custom package on a case by case basis. All that being said we start out at $900 per month which includes professional videography, a photo shoot and full management of 2 social platforms.

Contact us today if you would like to schedule a social media management appointment and learn more about partnering with Vault Media.