In this post we are going to go over web design best practices for local Kalispell business. Or rather, our methodology for designing the most optimized site to both look great and help drive customers in the door. Here are a few of the strategies we recommend tapping into.


Web Design Best Practices in Kalispell


Clean and Uncluttered Web Design


Keep it simple. The worst thing you can do is over complicate your web design with too many graphics, widgets, calendars, maps and images. Yes some of these things are very important. But the over all point is that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing at times. We recommend choosing features wisely and utilizing only the best options available at your disposal. Hire a Vault Media local website designer and we will have you covered from top to bottom.


User Friendly Website Layout


It is important when laying out a web page to think about your end user. We want to make their experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Make sure to have your links or buttons located in places where they can easily find them. Front end web design is all about UX, or user experience. Not only is is better for your customers, but it is also a metric Google uses as a search result ranking factor. The more user friendly and SEO enhanced a website is, the longer they will stay and come back more often.


Contact Forms and Phone Number Displayed Prominently


For a local business the phone number and contact forms are possibly the most important things to include within your web design. We recommend displaying your phone number on the top right of the site. On mobile it is great to have a button to click that initiates a call strait to your business line.


Also on the top right of the page, but below the navigation bar we like to include a contact form for customers who prefer contacting via the internet rather than calling. Studies show that millennia’s prefer email and text vs phone conversation. The older generation may choose either method of communication so it is good to have both displayed prominently on your website.




All that being said the main take away is that we believe web design should be clean, user friendly and incorporate ways for your customers to easily contact you. Thank you for checking out our web design best practices for local Kalispell business article and if there is anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you!


Anthony Fleming

Vault Media