Being at the top of the local search engine result page is exactly where you want to be. When you partner with Vault Media, for Web Design Kalispell, you get more than just a pretty website. In turn, Vault Media is more than just a website design company.

We are able to help you dominate the entire internet space. So that more people will find your service or products. Resulting in more revenue.


Web Design


Creative Web Design For Your Brand


Brand recognition is of the utmost importance when it comes to marketing yourself or your company digitally. Our goal is to tie in the essence of your brand throughout all website design and all of your digital properties.

One of the greatest strengths of Vault Media’s marketing services is our in house content creation via videography, photography, graphic design, logos and copy writing. A higher quality user experience helps put you miles ahead of the competition in relation to your web development. We feel this is extremely important, helps drive traffic to your website and generates future business and referrals for years to come.


Web Designer


SEO Driven Website Design Technology


Exposure. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the science of optimizing a website for the search engines. Google and Bing are the main players in the United States at this point. 

Our custom web development has a heavy emphasis on SEO. Typing your industry + near me OR Kalispell OR any city into Google is how local consumers find companies they want to work with.

One of the best analogies we can think of is the Ferrari. Let’s say you just bought a gorgeous Ferrari. The car is useless if it sits in the garage, with the garage door closed and no fuel in the gas tank. A pretty website that isn’t ever seen or used by anyone is very similar. We want to help make it easy for new and existing customers to find you in Kalispell, MT.

Do note that our initial website development will pack a lot of SEO punch, however, you will likely require our on-going monthly SEO services for industries where there is higher competition. To keep your website ahead of the curve.


Website Design


Mobile Friendly, Speed and Security


Three vital components our web designers always consider when planning out website development is mobile friendliness, speed and security. These components are equally as important to your success as any other online marketing factors on the web.

Our designers like to think of them the same way a foundation relates to a house. Without these core elements, the whole project goes right now the tubes. Luckily we have you covered in this department. Let us take a look into exactly how they relate to the rest of your local business website design.


Mobile Optimized Website Design


52.2 percent of web traffic in 2018 worldwide came from mobile devices. i.e. smart phones. You can see why it is so important that your website works well on mobile. We believe that in the next 5 years this statistic will be even more dramatically skewed towards mobile users on the web. In this day and age web development geared towards mobile friendliness is more important than ever. Can you imagine your own response, if you went to a website and all the proportions were off? If the images weren’t scaled properly? We assume you would be wondering what the heck the designers were thinking and promptly click off the page.


Fast Web Development


Another area we concentrate on during the early stages of web design, is speed. Referring to loading speed of a web page. Speed plays a huge role in user experience as they scroll through a companies website. I’m sure you can think of an instance right now where a website loaded up very slowly. Did you click off or close the page? All of our Kalispell website design projects include speed optimization best practices.

Our web developers maintain proper server speeds, video hosting, image sizing, page layout and site infrastructure. All working together to create a better UX (user experience) so your valued customers have the best experience possible.


Web Security First


Lastly we have security which may be the most important, but one that not many people think of right away. Business website security is also one of the main Google ranking factors. We do everything we can to make our web development security a priority. Vault Media’s web designers hand select only the most robust servers and ensures your data is backed up as often as possible. 


Website Development Kalispell


Keep Your Business Competitive in Kalispell, MT


Being an early adopter is always a great thing. However, we can hardly say that having a website in this day and age makes anyone an early adopter. Website design has been main stream for decades now.

The point is that business owners in Kalispell haven’t yet fully embraced digital (internet) marketing and advertising. This gives companies who embrace modern technology first a huge competitive advantage. 


We Design A Place For Customers To Learn All About Your Business Online


A website is also a hub for all things digital. In other words it is a business card for you on the internet. We can link together all of your other social media properties and advertising to one central location.

Don’t wait until all of your competitors are laps ahead of you. Get out in first place and make them chase after you with a custom design by Vault Media.


Kalispell Custom Website Pricing


We are going to have to give you the cliche answer here. But web development pricing all depends. Seriously though, in order to give an accurate answer we would need to find out exactly what your business goals are, the industry you are involved in, your website budget, etc. Once we have gathered the information needed, Vault Media can put together a detailed design proposal.


How much for A Kalispell Business Website?


A more detailed answer is that you could expect to pay $1000-$10,000 from companies selling local websites. Keep in mind that not all Kalispell website design companies are created equal and that you typically get what you pay for. However, paying more does not always yield higher results.


Why Vault Media’s Website Design?


At Vault Media, we believe that our website design services will boost your brand ahead of the local competition in Kalispell, MT.

Our web designers attention to branding, user experience, search engine optimization, mobile friendliness, speed, and security gives your business a competitive technological edge. Can you afford to let the competition get ahead?


Increase Your Digital Footprint With A Vault Media Website


Please give us a call or email today so we can discuss a top tier website, custom built just for you.

Crush your competition with a creative custom built website design by Vault Media.