Today we’re going to talk about why SEO is so important for Kalispell, MT businesses? There are a number of reasons why, however the number one reason that comes to mind is getting more visitors to your website and more importantly more customers. Below we will go over some of the various reasons as to why Kalispell SEO is so important.


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SEO is Important For Local Search Rankings


When you type something into Google, a keyword, you end up landing on something called the Google search results page for the keyword you typed in. The first results are typically paid ads, then the map pack follows, and below that is the local organic search results. These spots are still highly coveted because they pull in over 30% of the total clicks on the front page of Google. 

Anywhere on the first page is a good sign of a healthy SEO campaign. However, the first three spots are where things really start to get a boost exponentially. For example, the 2nd spot gets over double the clicks that the 3rd spot gets and same for the first spot over the 2nd spot. You can see how important showing up in a high position on the first results page of Google is.


Kalispell SEO is Important For Local Map Rankings


The other non paid for spots within Google are the Local Map Pack, also referred to as the 3 pack. This is because you will typically see 3 prominent businesses in any industry listed together in the map pack. These spots are arguably the most important for local lead generation because it shows potential clients your reviews and has a button to click your phone number and call your business directly. 

Surprisingly SEO for the map pack isn’t much tougher than SEO for organic rankings. Our Kalispell search engine optimization specialists at Vault Media can help get your business within the map three pack. 


SEO is Important to Bring More Customers In the Door


Getting more phone calls, website visits and brick and mortar is always important to any business. This is exactly the function and purpose of local SEO for both organic and map pack results. Paid ads are great and yes, we can get you fast and immediate results. SEO is a longer play. It is your long term investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

To be clear, it takes months and sometimes years to acquire those coveted top rankings within the Google algorithm. Once you are on top of the mountain you will have a constant and sustained flow of leads rolling directly into your business. There is still work to do at that point as you will have other companies and SEO’s after the same results you are. If you need help in this regard do not hesitate to reach out to us at Vault Media. We would be happy to take over your SEO campaigns or possibly do some consulting.

Lastly we encourage all business owners to gain at least a slight proficiency in search engine optimization for themselves. Like we said before, we are happy to help. It is good for you to at least be able to speak the language so we can partner up and help your business grow together. Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for more information like this as we will be posting regular blogs, videos and social media content.


Anthony Fleming

Vault Media